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Sketch of Paris

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm still jetlagged as I post this sketch...
I just got back last night after an amazing two week jaunt around France and Spain...
My beautiful wife and I went for the Out of Picture 2 gallery opening at Galerie Arludik, a place that embraces artwork for film and comics. Being with friends and artistic collaborators in one of the world's most beautiful cities for this was beyond words. Jean Jacques and Dianne were incredible hosts and friends, and much fun was had. They are incredibly enthusiastic about the art we do for movies and books, and the welcome we felt in Paris was as genuine as it comes. We also caught up with co-conspirators Gerald, who many of you know as the co-creator of Sketch Travel (and who also braved an outing despite a bad flu) and his wonderful wife, Sophie.

I did this gouache sketch in a little Moleskin watercolor pad from our hotel window, using a tiny (007 style) Windsor Newton watercolor kit with a folding palette.
Dice had turned me on to some great water-reservoir brushes which made it easy to wash the brushes and wet the paper without too much hassle. Thanks, Dice...you were there in spirit, man!

It was right at sunset and the colors changed quickly, so I decided on a small vertical sketch. The charm of the shape of the buildings and chimneys in the neighborhood that we stayed in was incredible. (Hopefully that's conveyed in the study.)
There wasn't much time for other sketches, although I love the medium, and this sketch got the fires burning again.