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my OOP process...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hello all, I'm throwing up a little description of my process.

A. The first two are really rough thumbs. I tend to be pretty "loose" with this stage. Sometimes I work in pencil, sometimes right in photoshop. It resembles a marker comp more than anything else. I just use a standard brush with an opacity set on 60 or 70 percent for the intial sketch, then lighter for the tones.

B. A refinement of the pencil thumbnail. I've rearranged a few of the dogs placements for a better composition.

C. Another refinement, in pencil, then scanned in, then more photoshop to nail the shapes and silhouettes.

D. Tight pencil for the tonal drawing.

E. Rough tone to establish the mood. This will make the final easier to execute, especially under a tight deadline (Which I'm under)

I might post the final later, after the deadline. Njoy...

tighter pencil for the bridge

Friday, July 13, 2007

I wanted to throw up a tight sketch from the rough layout I posted. I am going to scan the entire layout in this stage, and then print it out on Bristol and do a tonal sketch on top. This will save me a lot of time redrawing and transferring the sketch. (suggested by my bud Bob Mackenzie...)

I'm getting some momentum now, and I'm psyched to finish the book project. The other artists involved are AMAZING, so get ready for it's release next year...

I'll post more as I work them out.

another rough for the OOP 2 book

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Here is another rough for the new OOP book. The gang of gargoyles is stuck atop the Brooklyn bridge, on a blustery night. I can't wait to hit the lighting in this one. I'll post the tonal when I get it cleaned up...

mocca was a blast

What a good time. I managed to make it there for both days(half a day on Sunday), and it was great. We got to sign and draw in a bunch of books. I met a bunch of other artists, and got to chat with (and buy some artwork from) the amazing Greg Ruth. That guy is truly a maestro with a brush and ink...

Here's a pic of bob the giant taking down the poster the last night. He and a bunch of the other OOP artists will be in full effect in San Diego at the end of this month. I won't be there, but I will hit the con next year when we launch OOP 2!