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A little color for a change...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I haven't gone out and painted in quite a while, so I'm throwing this up as a challenge to myself.
(Don't worry, I see the absurdity of this) I need to hit the paints, not the excuses.
Its a sketch of the boat pond on the east side of Central Park on a crisp fall morning...

OOP2 at the Comicon

Here's a rare pict of all of us together. From left to right:
Lizette Vega, Bob Mackenzie, Andrea Blasich, Mike Knapp, Pete Ngyuen,
Bennoit LePennec, Diceman Tsutsumi, Me(Nash), and Vince Nguyen.
Jason Sadler also made it out but isn't pictured here.
And don't forget Willie Real!

Good times people...good times.

(*thanks to Cassie at Cleverblue for the photo!)


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It calls back to my childhood growing up in Williamsburg, VA. We had acres and acres of woods behind our neighborhood, and my friends and I would always ride our bikes down to this great spot for exploring. Believe it or not, we found lots of Native American artifacts in our outings. I even wrote a kid's book idea from one of our afternoons.

The wolf is a Guardian Spirit, and he is watching over a little owl-guy who is helping a sapling to grow. I was always filled with wonder and amazement at how beautiful it was, in every season. I hope my piece pays homage to the Totoro spirit.

"All your friends are doing it..."

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ok, so I wanted to post a sampling from an upcoming art auction that I am taking part in with a huge group of friends and amazing artists...
We are still keeping it under wraps until sometime soon, so mum is the word. Nope, you're not getting any info outta me...
It's going to be UNREAL, though. TRUST ME!

coffeeshop doodle...

Howdy bloggers...I finally wrapped up the short project at Blue Sky the other week, and it looks great.
We have an amazing team of artists and CG specialists, and when they combine their skills and talents it is truly a wonder to behold and be a part of...Look for the collective fruits of our labor on the Horton DVD this fall!

Here is a sketch that I did a short while ago.
I am working on a color sketch to come soon. Some "experimentation"